Sunday, February 21, 2010

Video Of Penis Check By A Female Doctor I Think I Am Wanted (funny Story What Should I Do)?

I think I am wanted (funny story what should I do)? - video of penis check by a female doctor

Well, I was on a long trip and stayed in a small town to gas dumppy buy. The employee was a woman, and it was late at night so I thought I'd take a T-shirt roll and put it in a sock to look like a giant penis and put it into my jeans, which come very close. So come, you see. I call the bathroom and I'm still in it then said: "I suck, I suck." I said, 'Well, show me your breasts, which then proceeds out whip'em. Then I laughed my *** off after laughing my *** assume for a moment, I mean fake penis (T-shirt in a sock wrapped). Then he said: "His mind waiting, but not here." I stick my head out the door, and she called the police and claimed he abused her. Then move on to the right andup. I am afraid that I'm loved, for the moment, what he says. The stations are equipped with cameras. I thought of writing to explain to the police in this city, to what happaned Incase. I left, I do not even know if the police reviewed the video and said: Why did you stay in the men's room.


TheBardo said...

Whether you troll disappeared.

Brian said...

How incredibly juvenile, it's a shame that did not meet with you, is the sexual abuse and fraud in all crimes to 1. Unless it all up, in this case it was a waste of my time reading.

Daniel said...

ILMA ... That is a ****** up is. and made a stupid move ... I want to act like it never happened!
Oh! and again to this city! LOL
Yes, and I hope he do not want to BS.

mOmMyPrI... said...

Too funny, lol.
I think we should just continue to live as if it never happened. It would probably make more sense than ever before, this city back.

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